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Canisius College
Buffalo, NY

“On my gosh, this was the best training I’ve been to in a very long time. I love the ideas about building a Grant Writing Library and the resources to check the 990. Thank you! This is going to be a game changer” - Mable Perez

“I felt this was an excellent workshop with a good amount of information to get started but not get overwhelemed. I feel ready to go after this.” – Sarah Highhouse, Teacher, Vineyard Christian School, Fullerton, California

Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center
Huntington Beach, CA

Austin, TX

Hawaii State Teacher Association
Honolulu, HI

“The interactive workshop was the most valuable and informative portion. It was fun to put what we have learned to use and to get others input on it.”– Connie Powell, Adminsitrator, Chilton County Commission, Clanton, AL

“I no longer feel intimidated by the prospect of grant writing. Knowing there are specific do's and don'ts makes me feel much more comfortable to begin my first grant writing experience.” - Janet Fugler, Smith County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, Tyler, Texas

The Briscoe Western Art Museum
San Antonio, TX

“I came into the class with little knowledge on grant writing. I feel I have strong foundation now to begin to build my future in grant writing.” – Dayna Harrison, Germantown, MD

Baltimore Humane Society
Baltimore, MD

Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
Montgomery, AL

“I’ve never written a grant before so this who class was really great for me to learn what goes into it. The instructor was great! Super helpful.” – Kayley Williams, Office Manager, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge

“I love the interaction with my classmates.” – Melissa Holmes, Project Manager, Jeanette’s Little haven Christian Academy, Dallas, TX

“I think the most valuable aspect was giving us a break every 50 minutes. This gave us an opportunity to refresh. You delivery was very engaging and made time fly by, especially when we were having fun.”– Michele Shimabuku, Academic Coach, Kahului Elementary School, Kahului, Hawaii