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The Grant Writers Association offers you lots of benefits when you join to help you to develop your career as a grant professional. Below are just a few of the handful of benefits you will enjoy as a member.

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Experience the benefits of having others to learn from and grow with as a grant writer.

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who can join?

There are dozens of valuable resources packed inside of the members only section, including professional webinars, training videos, insightful interviews, grant proposal samples, time-saving forms and essential documents to help you prepare better grants and grow professional.

We even have resources included to help you grow and market your grant writing products, services and business.

You will be able to notify other members of special offers you have and enjoy networking directly with other members in our members only section.

Our Grant Writers Business Directory is another benefit you will enjoy as a valued member. You will be able to add photos, videos, text and more to your personalized pages in the directory. Click here to view a sample directory listing.

If you don't have a website yet, you can use the directory as your mini-site to help garner clients to grow your business.

Potential client will find you in the directory and can request information directly on your pages. It's easy to unload and have your listing up in no time.

You will also receive Search Engine Optimization value by having your website linked to GWA if you have a site.

Our Grant Writers Business Directory Will Help You Promote Your Products & Services

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