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“As a participant in your training in January 2012, I came in as a beginner, and I did not know what to anticipate of the course - would it be too challenging? Would I understand the curriculum being discussed?  As introductions began I realized that the group was widely diverse - from professionals who had been grant writing with many years of experience and success behind them, to individuals such as me, who were new to the field. I walked out of the one-day training feeling confident and ready to take on the challenge of grant writing!” 

Crystal Hernandez

“If you are a beginner or if you are an advanced grant writer you will walk away learning something and gaining some valuable tools that you can move forward and become a better grant writers.”  

Paula Brown

our history

The history of our association dates back to the origins of Grant Central USA (GCU) founded in greater Los Angeles in 2006. The Grant Writers Association is a direct out birth of the nationwide grant trainings of GCU and the Professional Grant Writers Group on LinkedIn which has over 13,000+ members and was launched in 2010.

After surveying over 5,000 of our members and asking them about the resources they needed and desired to grow professionally, GCU meticulously and ambitiously went to work to develop an organization to address their specific needs. 

Today the Grant Writers Association provides its members with relevant ways to learn, grow and connect through practical life-long learning opportunities.

We help you grow as a grant writer with practical support for professional development

The Grant Writers Association (GWA) is dedicated to your success in helping you to become the best grant professional you can be by supporting you with relevant resources you need to grow and develop. 

GWA is for everyone seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of what it takes to excel as a grant professional.

New and seasoned grant writers are welcome to join us. We offer excellent tools and resources to assist you whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

members matter

how we help you...

The Grant Writers Association places you, your career and development as our top priority. We understand in order for you to grow you will need the essentials required to perform at a peak level.

Grant writing can be a lonely and isolating occupation without a connection to others in the industry. With this in mind, here are a few of the ways we help you develop and connect with other like minded individuals while saving money...

  • Peer Networking Opportunities
  • Members Discounts To Over 289,000 Available Discounts (across 10,000 cities) 
  • Ongoing In-Person and Online Trainings
  • Access To Informative And Insightful Webinars​
  • Practical Tools To Help Your Grant Career
  • Expert Insight Into Growing A Grant Writing Business
  • Marketing Platforms To Assist You In Promote Your Business

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